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Traces of Mika Podcast

Sep 30, 2019

In an open letter, Mika speaks about her mother and the influence that she had on her life and how the rise of Delphine Publications influenced thousands; even the ones who tried to destroy it. 


Sep 20, 2019

Tamika wears legacy tatted on her shoulder to remember why she got started. But then she remembered she has a legacy of her own and it starts with her daughter Daijah. What can her daughter possibly ask her that she isn't prepared for?

Sep 13, 2019

Mika knew long ago that falling in love would be the centerfold to the books that she wrote, but dating in real life is HARD! Maybe her friends have a different point of view than she does, but who knows how to really date anyway?


Sep 4, 2019

Seven years ago Mika left her life in Texas and traveled to Atlanta. In an intimate and vulnerable conversation, Mika talks to fellow creative Kimberly Jones about their awkward blackgirlness and reflect on their journies into to Hotlanta!